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Wrap-Tightsm Plan Document Package

Our proprietary Wrap-Tightsm compliance and document system allows employers to prepare a single custom-made wrap plan document and SPD, rather than having to prepare them for each separate component benefit plan. With our plans, employers are required to file only one Form 5500, avoiding the often significant costs of preparing separate Form 5500s and delivering separate Summary Annual Reports (SARs) and SPDs to participants in each plan.

The laws regulating employee benefits change frequently, and the pace of change is likely to accelerate due to health care reform. In order for your documents to remain in compliance, we will periodically update them to reflect recent legislation, changes in regulations, and court cases. Whenever updates are made, we will notify you of their availability. Similarly, employers often change carriers, coverage features, plan provisions, and the benefits they offer. You may update your documents to reflect these changes as they occur and download new compliant documents quickly and easily at any time during the year at no additional charge. This saves you the time and expense of preparing new documents or amendments every time a change occurs.

Our Wrap-Tightsm package includes these documents:
  • Cover Memo
  • Plan Document
  • Summary Plan Description (SPD)
  • Qualified Medical Child Support Order (QMCSO)

Electronic Distribution Package (EDP)

Save time, effort, postage, and trees by distributing your ERISA documents electronically instead of delivering paper documents to each plan participant. We will furnish an instructional checklist and easy to use forms that satisfy the DOL's rigorous disclosure requirements. We also provide a recordkeeping template to help you keep track of fulfillment. Once you purchase this package, you may use these forms again anytime you need to distribute new documents for the same employer without additional cost. EDP is available for purchase at anytime.

Pricing (Please Check with Us for Volume Discounts)

Wrap-Tightsm Package
First Year Setup: $849
Renewal Years: $468

Electronic Distribution Package: $195

Bundled Pricing: Wrap-Tightsm with Electronic Distribution: $949, a savings of $95

NOTE: If you do not renew your documents each year, you will not be able to access or update them unless you prepare a new, updated, and compliant Wrap-Tightsm set of documents first.