About ERISA Pros

Wrap-Tight® is a fully integrated compliance and document management system. It permits you to create state-of-the-art ERISA compliant welfare benefit plan documents and Summary Plan Descriptions (SPDs) based on industry best practices on demand and at an affordable cost.

You will save time and money by preparing one Wrap-Tight® plan document, SPD, and Form 5500 and distributing one SPD and Summary Annual Report (SAR) to plan participants—rather than one for each separate component benefit plan. You will continue to enjoy savings by needing to amend only one Wrap-Tight® document in response to legislative and regulatory changes or changes in your benefit structure.

ERISA Pros focuses on helping employers get into compliance with ERISA laws for welfare benefit plans—and stay there. To do this, we rigorously and continuously train our staff in this concentrated area. Our compliance specialists have years of experienced based knowledge and training in ERISA and employee benefit plans.

Wrap-Tight® is the ‘gold standard’ of ERISA compliance for welfare benefit plans. It is our promise to be the best at what we do.